What is “Echo”?

 “Now you are an echo, but one day you will find your own voice.”

Though I deeply respect and admire the person who spoke these words to me, and even understand his intent, I wonder if perhaps the world could use a few less voices and many more echoes.

“Never before have so many said so much about so little to so few”.

In a world driven by social media, this sad reality rings true.

The desire for unique self-expression carries our voices further than we ever dreamed. At some point, the noise drowns out all but the loudest and most obnoxious words.  Rather than seeking to find “my voice” and shout it loud enough to rise above the noise, I seek now to add my voice to the centuries of voices who sing the songs of our Creator in perfect harmony.

  • I seek to echo the WORD of the Father who spoke light into the darkness and form into the void.

  • I seek to echo the WORD of the Son who became flesh and dwelt among us to reconcile us with the Father.

  • I seek to echo the WORD of the Spirit who takes on flesh through the Church, the broken body of Christ in every age.

May my words and reflections, in writings, image and speech, echo the WORD through whom all things are created and re-created, until all of Creation is restored.