A Soundtrack for Lent (2019)

by Playlist Compiled by Craig J. Sefa

In my own tribe of United Methodism, General Conference 2019 fueled significant turmoil and pain within the church. As my friend Andrew Ehrenzeller writes in his song, “Band of Sons”, “A team of rivals only means that no one wins.”

In trying to process the desperate state of the church while preparing for Lent, Holy Spirit whispered lines from many of these songs in my mind and heart. They speak to a variety of themes including repentance, sin, doubt, despair, and shame, but also hope, reconciliation, love, humility, and revival.

Prayerfully compiling this playlist has been one way I have tried to cope in these emotional and uncertain times and I pray these songs might be a blessing to you throughout this Lenten Season and beyond.

While I do own digital copies of all of these songs, all copyright remains with the original artist. This collection is for devotional purposes only.